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Phylomemetic Patterns in Science Evolution—The Rise and Fall of Scientific Fields

We worked with David Chavalarias on an automated method for the bottom-up reconstruction of the cognitive evolution of science modeled as lineage relationships between scientific fields. We refer to these dynamic structures as phylomemetic networks or phylomemies, by analogy with biological evolution; and … Continue reading

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Tracking precursors and laggards

Telmo Menezes, Camille Roth, Jean-Philippe Cointet, Proc. of the IEEE International Conference on Social Computing, SocialCom10, Minneapolis, USA, August 2010 Abstract—We explore the hypothesis that it is possible to obtain information about the dynamics of a blog network by analysing … Continue reading

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What makes a good information spreader ?

Tracking URLs and their diffusion through citation paths, one can describe information cascades in a blog network. Given these data it is possible to find correlation between the capacity of a blogger to spread new information and her/his position in … Continue reading

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Simulating diffusion processes on various topology

Considering very simple diffusion rules between nodes, one can test wether various topology impact or not on diffusion dynamics. Let’s consider an asynchronous mouth-to-mouth spreading : at each time step, a random agent is interacting with one of her/his neighbor … Continue reading

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Title: Social and semantic dynamics in knwoledge communities: morphogenesis and diffusion (Dynamiques sociales et sémantiques dans les communautés de savoirs: morphogenèse et diffusion.) [Thesis (in french), pdf], [defense slides (in french)]et [résumé] – obtained the “Prix de thèse” 2010 of … Continue reading

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Happy Flu was built as a viral marketing campaign which contained tools to track its propagation on the network. The experiment took place from July 08, 2008 to September 18, 2008. Five bloggers were selected among our relatives and were … Continue reading

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Local networks, local topics: structural and semantic proximity in blogspace

Blog networks are often described as “small world” social networks where individuals would potentially be topologically close to most of the other actors. On the other hand, links would be primarily created towards similar-minded individuals and well-connected bloggers, suggesting a … Continue reading

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Knowledge communities feature specific structural properties. These high-level properties are important for two reasons: 1. they are oftentimes stable characteristics specific to each system that inform its organization. 2. they emerge from the local interactions between actors and content, yet … Continue reading

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